Rising in torture and cruelty against Dalit and lower caste in UP has crossed the line of Humanity

A young man in Meerut was abused and beaten and was also urinated upon by a group of men in the city. One person has been arrested in this case so far and a police complaint has also been registered against the group of men.

It was only possible after the video was resurfaced over a number of social media sites which led to the arrest of the man and subsequent filing of the police complaint. In the video, it can be seen that the men are drinking and beating the victim and after that it is visible that among them, one person urinates on the victim. The victim is also seen in the video to continuously request the group to not record his humiliation. The victim’s parents have alleged that the group of attackers also involve two of his friends.
The incident took place on November 13. The victim initially did not inform his family about the urination. “My son is in shock,” said his father,. who is a line man in the electricity department. “He was visiting his aunt on the occasion of Diwali when these men accosted him, took him to a lonely place and beat him up. Then they urinated on him,” he stated. “They threatened to kill him if he revealed any of this,” he also added.

The family was worried as the boy did not return to him home at night when the accident and abuse took place. The following day, the victim returned with several injury marks and bruises and upon being questioned, he answered that he has only been beaten up by some men. He revealed everything only when the video was circulated a few days later.
Four of the men have been have been identified and they are known goons who have served in the jail, his father said.

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