Students protest against UP demolitions, detained

Students in Delhi had led protests in solidarity with a student leader, Afreen Fatima and her father Javed Mohammad whose house was razed to the ground by the UP government. The UP government started a demolition drive against people protesting or suspected of protesting and had arrested hundreds of people found to be protesting against remarks against Prophet Muhammad.

The UP police had termed Javed Muhammad the ‘mastermind’ of protests over remarks against Prophet Muhammad in Prayagraj. On his last post on Facebook Mr. Javed was found appealing for peace and to approach the government through peaceful methods.

At least 100 protesting students were detained by Delhi Police from UP Bhawan in Delhi as students protested against the bulldozing of Javed Mohd’s and Afreen Fatima’s house and imprisoning of hundreds of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh. The detainees were taken to Parliament Street Police Station. The protest was organised by Students Islamic Organisation of India, Muslim Students Federation, Fraternity Movement, Campus Front of India and Collective Delhi, reported Maktoob Media.
On Sunday, Kerela’s student leader Aysha Renna was detained following a protest against demolition of Afreen’s house.


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