UP law panel proposes ‘two-child’ population policy

The law commission in Uttar Pradesh framed a proposal for population control and welfare, rewarding couples that have ‘two-child policy’. The UP law commission said this policy is voluntary and it will not be enforced upon anyone.

If a person opts to “voluntarily” keep the number of their family members limited, then they will be eligible for government schemes. At the same time, if anyone doesn’t follow the policy, they will face restrictions in getting government jobs, ration, and other benefits.

Several draft proposals are made by the UP law commission in the draft population control act. The law commission has sought instructions for changes to be made in the draft, that can be sent through e-mail or post by July 19.

UP law commission Chairman Aditya Nath Mittal said, “we have proposed that any couple that follows a two-child policy will be given all government benefits.” They will be able to avail all government welfare schemes, he said.

Mittal said that if a person does not follow the ‘two-child’ policy, they won’t be eligible for such government schemes. “Their ration cards will be restricted to four units, they will not be able to apply for government jobs and if they are already government employees, then they won’t get a promotion,” he added.

The U p law commission chairman said that the ‘two-child’ population control policy will be voluntary. “If a person voluntarily keeps the number of his family members limited, they will be eligible for government schemes,” he added.

The commission has planned to present the policy by August second week, Mittal said. The law panel had earlier said that it was reviewing various family units besides their ‘polygamy and polyandry aspects’. The recommendations will be made to the state government and it is up to it to accept or reject the recommendations.

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