Calcutta HC acquits youth for raping a minor: says “Adolescent girl must control her urge”

The Calcutta High Court, in a recent hearing laid out some responsibilities for adolescent boys and girls. They said that adolescent girls must have a control on their sexual urges instead of giving in to two minutes of pleasure. On the other hand, adolescent boys must respect young girls and women and also pay respect to their dignity and bodily autonomy, observed Calcutta High Court on Wednesday.

The division bench included Justices Chitta Ranjan Das and Partha Sarathi Sen according to the Bar and Bench. It also complied the “duties of” adolescent boys and girls while acquitting a youth, who was convicted for raping a minor girl, with whom he had a ‘romantic affair’. The list of duties of the adolescent girls included “Control sexual urge/urges as in the eyes of society she is the loser when she gives in to enjoy the sexual pleasure of hardly two minutes.”

The court, Bar and Bench report, said “It is the duty/obligation of every female adolescent to: (i) Protect her right to integrity of her body. (ii) Protect her dignity and self-worth. (iii) Thrive for overall development of her self-transcending gender barriers.

For adolescent boys, the Court said, “…he should train his mind to respect a woman including the self-worth of the women and also her dignity, while completely respecting her privacy and right to autonomy of her body.”

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