TMC’s silence over Mohua Moitra’s cash-for-question scandal

The accusations that have been put up on Mohua Moitra for raising questions relating to the Adani group in the Lok Sabha in exchange for bribes triggered murmurs within the party raising questions about whether the Bengal’s ruling outfit is unwilling to throw its weight behind the lawmaker or adopt “wait and watch” strategy. The TMC has not yet claimed to take the side of the Lok Sabha member neither have they taken any stand for their party representative.

As neither the Chief Minister of Bengal, Mamta Banerjee, her nephew Abhishek Banerjee nor any member of the TMC party has come forward to say something in favour of Moitra or even deny the allegations that had been laid on Moitra. The sources within the party says that the leadership is quietly watching the developments so far, related to the issue.

A senior TMC leader, on Saturday said: “The MP is taking necessary action on the allegation labelled against her. An affidavit has been submitted by the businessman to the concerned authorities. Let the procedure take its own course. We are closely watching the situation.” On Friday, the TMC broke its long silence over the issue with a brief “no comment”. “The party does not have anything to say on Mahua. The TMC will not issue any reaction on the matter,” said spokesperson Kunal Ghosh, known for his proximity to Abhishek.

The sources also reveal that Mamta Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee who is the second in command in the party were unwilling to take any kind of initiative in order to prove Moitra innocent. A TMC leader stated: “Our party has decided there should be no involvement on this issue for now. If something needs to be said, it will come from the chief minister or Abhishek.”

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