Woman Throws Shoes at Former Education Minister Partha Chatterjee

A woman threw a shoe at the former education minister of the Trinamool Congress, Partha Chatterjee. On Tuesday, this incident spread in political circles.

The woman, hailing from the Amtala area, made an attempt to throw her shoes at the suspended Trinamool Congress leader Partha Chatterjee when he was being escorted out of a hospital by the ED officials.

Amtala Shubhra is now a ‘real-life hero’ to many common people, it was understood from the response of countless people present on the hospital premises! Someone says, “Well done”, someone says, “I support him”, and someone says, “It is not appropriate for an education minister to do such a thing!”

“I had come to throw my shoe on him. He has taken money from poor people. I would have been happier if the shoe would have hit him on his head,” she answered when asked why she tossed the shoe at Chatterjee.

“It is not only my anger but that of lakhs and lakhs of people of West Bengal,” Ghorui told reporters.

When the reporters asked, why threw the shoes? The woman roared, “Don’t you know why I killed the shoe?” Speaking to reporters, the woman said, “I cannot think that he has built apartment after apartment, and accumulated so much cash when people are roaming on the roads without any job. After cheating people he travelling in AC cars. He must be dragged with a rope…I will walk back home barefoot.”

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