Why no ‘charcha’ on fuel prices: Asks Rahul Gandhi to Prime Minister Modi

New Delhi:  Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday questioned why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not discussing high fuel prices as getting fuel tank filled is no less than an examination.

“If due to the taxes imposed by the Centre, getting fuel tank filled has become no less than an examination, then why PM is not discussing it? Mr Gandhi asked in Hindi on his official Twitter account.

The query from the former Congress president comes a day after Mr Modi discussed exam preparation with various students across the country virtually.

The Lok Sabha MP also asked why the fuel prices have not dropped in the last eight days despite the downfall in international crude oil prices.

The prices of petroleum products have skyrocketed with petrol selling more than Rs 90 per litre in most parts of the country. The rise in fuel prices is both due to high international crude oil price and taxes imposed.

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