ZP President Sujata Kallimani cleans toilet of PHC

MUDDEBIHAL; 02 Oct: An act which is unusual for any elected representative,  Sujata Kallimani, the Zilla Panchayat President washed the toiled of a primary health centre of Kalagi village of Muddebihal taluk on Friday.

Kallimani who had already announced to stay overnight at the PCH to understand the problems of women who have recently delivered and undergoing treatment in the PHC, did an unexpected job of cleaning the toilet.

Stating that she only wanted to spread the message that no work is inferior, Kallimani said that people should not discriminate on the bases of occupation of individual as every occupation is noble in its own way.

Kallimani who arrived to PHC on Thursday evening, spent night at the centre itself along with other patients. On Friday, she participated in Gandhi Jayanti programme.

“ Gandhiji always emphasis on cleanliness. If we too follow it, then surely we can prevent ourselves from getting infected from several ailments. For healthy live, cleanliness is vital”, Kallimani said.

During her visit the centre, she admitted that many rural hospitals are still functioning without basic facilities. She said that despite the ZP facing financial crunch due to Covid pandemic, she said she will try to provide funds for the PCH of the district.

She also interacted with pregnant woman and tried to educate them about the importance of nutrition and cleanliness.

Kallimani said that with the nation fighting Covid pandemic, she asked the people to maintain social distance and follow other health guidelines for preventing the spreading of virus.

She said that in coming days also, she would continue her driver to visit PCH and stay overnight to understand the problem of people.

ZP member, Premabai Chavan, Padmavati Walikar, ZP Planning Director, C. B. Devarmani, C. B. Kumar, Shashidhar Shivapure, Somnath Kallimani, Santosh Rathod, Muttanna Muttannavar, Nagraj Tangadagi and Lakshman Lamani were present.

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