5-Year-Old Boy Killed by Celebratory Firecrackers After India’s T20 Win in Madhya Pradesh

A five-year-old boy tragically died after a piece of steel pierced his stomach during celebratory firecracker bursts for India’s T20 World Cup 2024 win in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, police reported on Monday.

According to an official, The incident occurred in the Gohalpur area on Sunday.

Children were bursting firecrackers and had placed one under a steel glass, causing an explosion that sent steel fragments flying, explained Gohalpur police station in-charge Pratiksha Marco.

One of these fragments struck the victim, Deepak Thakur, who was standing some distance away, she said.

Despite being rushed to a hospital, the boy was declared dead on arrival, the official stated.

The children were celebrating India’s T20 World Cup victory the previous day. Police are examining CCTV footage and have launched an investigation.

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