Pakistani Umpire Aleem Dar Makes History with 25 Years of Service in International Cricket #Aleemdar

Renowned Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar has etched his name in the annals of cricketing history, achieving a remarkable milestone as the first umpire to complete 25 years of service in international cricket. Dar’s illustrious journey commenced in February 2000, with his debut in an ODI clash between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Since then, he has officiated in a staggering 231 ODIs, 145 Test matches, and 70 T20Is, showcasing his expertise and professionalism on the global stage.

Acknowledged for his unwavering commitment and astute judgment, Dar has been a fixture in the ICC Elite Panel for an impressive 19 years. His outstanding performance has been duly recognized with six nominations for the prestigious best umpire award, a title he has clinched thrice.

Recently, the cricketing world celebrated Dar’s enduring dedication to the sport as he presided over a thrilling T20I encounter between Pakistan and New Zealand. His tenure spanning over 25 years and two months serves as a testament to his passion, integrity, and unparalleled contribution to the game of cricket.

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