WPL 2024: Vijay Mallya tweeted while RCB secured victory and won the cup

Women’s Premier League (WPL)-2024 final match, the RCB women’s team won the cup by a landslide. Vijay Mallya, defrauded the banks of thousands of crores of rupees while RCB was winning. He tweeted on ‘X’ congratulating the women’s team.

RCB men’s team has not won a cup in the IPL to date. However, the women’s team said ‘This time the cup is ours’ in the second season itself and won. Former RCB men’s team owner Vijay Mallya took to social media to congratulate the women’s team as the Smriti Mandanna-led side secured a resounding win against Delhi Capitals.

“Congratulations to RCB Women’s team for winning the WPL. It would have been a double win if the RCB men’s team had also won in the IPL. Good luck,” tweeted businessman Vijay Mallya.

As Vijay Mallya tweeted, netizens made a funny comment. “Let’s make a deal that you will come back to India if the RCB men’s team wins the 2024 season,” the netizens snapped.

Another netizen said, “Mallya only tweets on holidays”, Adhira said, “Hi Mallya uncle, today is a ‘bank’ holiday” and Vijay Mallya left the country after defrauding the banks without repaying the loan.

A netizen who claimed to be a former employee of Kingfisher said, “Good luck to you sir. I am still waiting for my arrears. Inti is an ex-employee of your Kingfisher Airlines.

Vijay Mallya, a financial criminal in India, is in the UK after fleeing India. Vijay Mallya, who has been running financial scams since 2012, is living a luxurious life despite having debts and has escaped after defrauding Indian banks.

Link: https://x.com/Madan_Chikna/status/1769413062061179246?s=20

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