India wins against Afghanistan: The ideal conditions which can qualify India for the semifinals or make the team return home.

After looking the first two matches, India stands a bleak chance to reach the semifinals. This early exit mark the first time in eight years and eight ICC tournaments, where India will not qualify for the final four.

However there is still some hope to cling to despite the slim chances India stands today of reaching the semi finals.

After victory against Afghanistan on 3rd November, team India now has 2 more matches to win before they can enter the semifinals which will be played with Scotland and Namibia. The fate of the team also depends on the outcome of games being played between other teams, especially New Zealand vs Afghanistan match on Nov 7.

It should be noted that the format of the Super 12 is structured in a way that allows only the top two teams from each group to be eligible to progress to the semifinals, while the remaining four have to exit the tournament.
With four wins and 8 points Pakistan are at a top notch position. While India has just one win.

As of now, India needs a miracle to get along the journey which leads to the semi finals. New Zealand’s remaining matches are with Scotland, Namibia and Afghanistan. It is a must for India that one of these three teams win against New Zealand, of which Afghanistan looks likely.

On Wednesday, New Zealand defeated Scotland by 16 runs. New Zealand win against Scotland, Namibia and Afghanistan, then in that case, Pakistan and New Zealand will be eligible to continue the game and India will have to walk towards the exit door.
On the other hand if Afghanistan manages to beat New Zealand, and India wins the two remaining matches, the finalists of the inaugural World Test Championship will be tied at 6 points each .

In that situation, the net run rate will become the deciding factor and the team with a better NRR will advance. This further complicates the situation as India’s loss to Pakistan by 10 wickets with 10 balls to spare and defeat to New Zealand by 8 wickets inside 15 overs has dented their NRR heavily as it currently stands at -1.609.

These multiple conditions and requirements seem to make it extremely difficult for India to be among the top four. However one can still not say that it’s impossible.


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