Indian trolls harass Md Shami on social media after India lost cricket match to Pakistan

Following the India-Pakistan Twenty20 World Cup on Sunday, Sanghis have started abusing Cricketer Mohammad Shami after the loss, says senior journalist Abhishek Baxi.

Taking it to Twitter, Abhishek Baxi has tweeted, “Sanghis have started abusing Md. Shami after the loss.” He shared few screenshots where Md Shami is abused by the Sanghis.

He further gave instances where the team of several members in sports came in their support after facing similar racist and casteist attacks.

“After the racist attacks against few English players at Euro, the team came in support of them. India’s hockey skipper Rani Rampal criticized casteist remarks against a teammate, he said.

“Your move, @imVkohli and everyone else,” Baxi questioned while tagging Virat Kohli in the tweet.

Several Indian trolls took to social media to harass the Indian speedster Shami, who had a neglectful outing in the field.

The trolls even called him a Pakistani agent, abusing him and his family, and openly gave threats, just few hours after the Indian Cricket Team took a knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

In another tweet Abhishek Baxi said, “There is no hope. The Hindutva bigots online and Sanghi hoodlums in the streets have destroyed our country.”

“And, of course, in true Indian cricket fan tradition… all other players are being abused too after the loss, ” he said adding in brackets “(Of course, no one else has been asked to go to any other country.)”

Leading by example, Pakistan Captain Babar Azam beat India in a World Cup match for the first time ever with a 10-wicket romp in a Super 12 blockbuster at the Twenty20 World Cup, Reuters reported.


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