Irfan Pathan Faces Backlash from Fans of Both India and Pakistan

In a display of the intensifying rivalry between India and Pakistan, cricketer Irfan Pathan became the target of heavy trolling from supporters of both nations following the abandoned match between the two teams. Pathan’s tweet aimed at Pakistan cricket team fans, stating “Bahot saare Padosiyon ke TV bach gaye aaj” (Many neighbours’ TVs were saved today), ignited a firestorm of online criticism.

One fan on Twitter questioned the purpose of Pathan’s tweet, asking what he would have lost if he hadn’t posted it. The tweet, along with the sarcastic remarks, highlighted the growing impatience with such provocative remarks in the world of sports. The fan urged Pathan to recognize that sport should remain just that – a sport. He stressed the importance of moving beyond unnecessary tests and improving the standards of humor.

In another tweet, a user criticized Pathan’s residence in a Muslim-dominated area in Vadodara, Gujarat, despite repeatedly demonstrating his patriotism. The tweet seemed to insinuate that his popularity and actions as a cricketer should have garnered him a more privileged living situation.

Similarly, another critic took a dig at Pathan, implying that even though he consistently displays his patriotism, there will come a day when supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will demand to see his Indian Identity Card. This tweet drew attention to the current political climate in India, suggesting that patriotism and allegiance may not always be enough to escape doubt or scrutiny.

Pathan’s tweets, while intended as a light-hearted taunt towards Pakistan fans, opened him up to severe backlash from supporters of both nations. The incident highlights the intensity of the rivalry between India and Pakistan, both on and off the cricket field. It serves as a reminder that public figures must exercise caution in their social media interactions to prevent further inflaming the already passionate emotions of fans.

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