T20 World Cup 2021: India still has a chance to enter the semifinals

India lost the 28th match of the T20 World Cup to New Zealand in Dubai on Sunday. With this victory, the Kiwis have paved the way for the semifinals. However, Team India still have a chance to make it to the semifinals. For this, India should look forward to the results of the next match.

This is because Pakistan topped the list with Group 3 wins in Group-2. If they win another match, Pakistan is sure to enter the semifinals. Afghanistan, which has won two of the three matches on the other hand, is No. 2 in the points table. New Zealand have now won 3rd place against India. India has been ranked 5th with 2 consecutive losses.

Here the Pakistan semifinals are confirmed, and the competition between the other 3 teams is up. That means 2 teams from Group-2 will enter the semifinals. There are now Afghanistan, New Zealand and India in the semifinals. There are 3 more matches for Team India and New Zealand. India will have to win the next match by a huge margin against Afghanistan to advance to the semifinals. Also, a huge win against Namibia and Scotland. Team India will get 6 points.

Afghanistan, who have four points, should win against New Zealand. With this, Afghanistan’s point will also be 6. New Zealand have won 6 of their last two matches but will have 6 points. That means the three teams’ points will be equalized. If this is the case then the net run rate will come into account.

If Team India is ahead in the net run rate calculation, there is a chance of a semifinal. Thus it is inevitable that India will have to win the next three matches and increase the net run rate. Similarly, New Zealand should look forward to their defeat against Afghanistan. If this is the case then the Team India Semifinals will be entered.

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