Chandrayaan-3 scientists not paid for 17 months: KC Venugopal alleges

The Congress has alleged that the scientists involved in Chandrayaan-3 have not been paid for the last 17 months.

Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal has shared a picture of a media report on Twitter and has alleged that “Ranchi-based Hindustan Engineering Corporation (HEC) has manufactured the Chandrayaan-3 launch vehicle and has not paid the salaries of the engineers involved for 17 months.”

“Under the leadership of ISRO Chairman S Somnath, we have created history. My heartiest congratulations to Somnath and his team. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi should give an answer about the fraud,” Venugopal demanded.

After landing you quickly came to the screen and took the credit. But scientists have questioned why your government has failed to support ISRO.

Why HEC engineers who worked on Chandrayaan 3 did not receive a salary for the last 17 months. He has questioned why 32 percent cut, all these people have brought glory to the country. They have done a world-class space project. But you don’t have any respect for their talent and hard work,” he lashed out at Prime Minister Modi.

Another Congress leader Digvijaya Singh alleged that ISRO scientists have not received their salaries for 17 months. He said that the Prime Minister should pay attention to the salaries of ISRO scientists.

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