Hello UPI – Voice Payment feature coming soon

Payment services on UPI will soon be available through voice instead of text. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das recently launched the new features of voice-based payment service on UPI at the Global FinTech Fest 2023 event.

By saying ‘Hello UPI’, users can make UPI payments through UPI apps, phone calls, and IoT devices, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) said.

Users no longer need to manually send messages to transact through UPI. They can simply talk to the AI-powered solution to complete payments. It is also available through direct voice calls (on-call) and voice messages through the UPI app. The call facility allows users to make direct calls. The app facility method can avail payment services through voice inputs. Furthermore, the device recognizes the verbal request and responds to the request.

Mode of Payment

  1. First, the user sends a voice message ‘Hello UPI’
  2. In the next step, the automatic voice recognition feature will appear. The voice command is converted into text.
  3. Understanding the user’s service intent through the regional language, the voice service content is converted to English through machine translation.
  4. Later, the machine verifies the user’s intent.
  5. Once verification is complete, the voice is shared with the intended user.

According to NCPI, the ‘Hello UPI’ voice messaging service is more convenient for users who don’t use smartphones and don’t know digital literacy.

Apart from this, it has introduced NCPI, UPI Credit Line, Lite X, Tap and Pay, Bill Connect, and Voice Command features.

UPI Credit Line
Credit card credit limit facility is extended to UPI accounts. The credit limit for which a UPI account is decided by the respective bank.

UPI Lite X
The Internet Lite X feature helps to send money offline in places where there is no internet connection or where the signal is weak.

UPI Tap and Pay
The usual way to pay is to scan the QR code from the UPI app. Now a new feature has been introduced, without the need to scan the NFC-enabled QR codes near the merchants, just pressing them will make the payment. Near Field Communication Technology is used here.

BillPay Connect
A nationalized number is issued for bill payments across India. If the customer sends a message ‘Hi’ to this number, they can get the bill payment arrangement. Those who have a feature phone will get a chance to make bill payments even if they give a missed call to that number.

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