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Hegde : There is no provisions, there is no penalty in case the uniform is not worn or improperly worn, there is no prescribed penalty. Even if a penalty is prescribed, your lordships will see if the absolute expulsion of keeping children away is disproportionate.

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Hegde : Why do we stake our country on one particular version that this and only this is the path. We are a civilization of multiple paths.

Hegde : There are very deep rooted questions of identity here. I heard the Advocate General say yesterday there are multiple interpretations of Quran. There may be multiple interpretations of Article 14 and 21 but they come to the aid of all.

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Hegde : There are somethings which can wait for resolution, something before fire comes they have to be doused. That is why I chose the lesser ground. There is wisdom in not being a maximalist.
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Hegde : Petitioners are students of Govt PU college and are wearing their regular head scarf over their uniform. Respondents teachers principal insisted that they remove their heads scarf. (Live Law)

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