Absolutely unacceptable: US condemns attack by Khalistanis on San Francisco consulate

The United States condemned the attack by Khalistani supporters on the Indian Consulate General in San Francisco on Monday and said it was absolutely unacceptable. This came a day after the protesters shouting pro-Khalistan slogans broke through security barriers to install two Khalistani banners inside the Consulate premises.
A huge graffiti that read “Free Amritpal” was also spray-painted on the outer wall of the San Francisco building. The protesters who entered the Consulate premises also hit the door and windows with iron rods.
John Kirby, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the White House, said, “That vandalism, it’s just absolutely unacceptable.” Further, he added, the State Department’s diplomatic security service is working with local authorities to investigate “properly.”
The State Department also issued a statement condemning the attack. “The US condemns the attack on Sunday against the Indian Consulate in San Francisco. “Violence against diplomatic facilities within the US is a punishable crime,” it said.
“We pledge to defend the safety and security of these facilities as well as the diplomats who work within them,” said the US State Department spokesperson.
The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum also issued a statement condemning the attacks and saying “violence and vandalism will not be condoned or tolerated.” It asked the local authorities to take the necessary action against the attackers.

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