Afghan Hindus, Sikhs skip Indian flights in hopes of immigrating to US, Canada

Many Afghan Sikhs and Hindus continue to remain in Kabul hoping of immigrate to Canada or the US, giving India a pass. The mediating authorities coordinating with the evacuation have alerted them to quickly decide before India concludes it’s rescue operation.

More than 70 to 80 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus in Kabul’s Gurdwara Karte Parwan did not want to migrate to India as they are eager to move to the US or Canada, Puneet Singh Chandhok, President of Indian World Forum said, as quoted by Times of India.

These Afghan citizens were not only creating obstacles in the evacuation process but also delaying the evacuation of others, Chandhok said.

According to the reports, he said, “India is facilitating these people at the highest level, yet they have missed flights twice in order to travel to the US or Canada.”

“What is the harm in seeking migration to Canada or the US? We know the fate of those who migrated to India. There are no job opportunities and many of them either returned or moved to other nationss,” sources in Afghanistan said, TOI reported.

After the Taliban takeover, Hindus and Sikhs settled in Afghanistan have fled the country.

Indian government initiated a massive evacuation exercise to airlift Hindus, Sikhs, and natives from the war-torn nation passing through a phase of volatile uncertainty for its people.

India, under its mission ‘Operation Devi Shakti’, has already evacuated more than 800 people due the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Kabul. In coordination with the US and other friendly nations, India has carried out several evacuation missions.

On August 26, the government said that evacuating Indian personnel from Afghanistan was a top priority.

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