Ban on pro-Palestine conference mischievous move by the state government: Rangakarmi Raghunandana

At 6:30 pm yesterday (Oct. 31) in Bengaluru, an organization called ‘Solidarity Youth Movement Karnataka’ organized a seminar on ‘Palestine Problem – An Overview’ at the BIFT auditorium, which is adjacent to the Congress office on Queen’s Road, Bangalore.

However, the police of Bangalore Highgrounds station, who arrived at the building where the hall was located yesterday morning, said that there was no permission for this program which was scheduled in the evening, they locked the hall and told them that the program was not allowed and left for the station without giving the key.

In the background of this development, Raghunandana, who is a Kannada poet-playwright, theater artist, and director, has shared his thoughts.

This meeting which was supposed to be held at 6.30 in the evening has been postponed. The Karnataka Police Department, under the supervision of the state Home Minister Parameshwar, has warned that the meeting should not take place at this time. The meeting, if it can be held, and when it can be held, the police will say after a few days.

This government, refusing to allow any open meeting (be it big or small) to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, protesting Israel’s seventy-five years of inhumane, immoral, and irreligious behavior, has now blocked a serious discussion that should have taken place in a room.

What could be the reason the government has in mind for denying permission and preventing meetings?

It must be feared that the Sangh Parivar will use such a context to propagate that the state government run by the Congress party is pro-Muslim. Also, there should be a fear that miscreants of the Sangh Parivar may start a riot under the same pretext. If that is true, then this is a shameless government with no moral courage. What is the reason for that fear of the immorality, irreligiousness, and meanness of the BJP-Sangha family?

How can standing with the Palestinian people be like standing with the Muslims and standing against the Jews? Minds that think like that and spread that kind of slander, both of them have no real religion, ethics, and sense of justice, that’s all.

As people of Karnataka, we as Indians have to stand with our heads down, this is a very sad situation.

A society that does not have the ability to peacefully protest against genocide, to stand with the suffering people, even symbolically, is such a society, a country that does not have that kind of country? A government that does not allow justice, ethics, and the conduct of Buddha consciousness is such a government?

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