China says ‘NO’ to WHO for more probe in China to check Covid origin

Beijing: At the time when China is blamed for spreading Covid-19 virus which has gripped the world and demand is being made at the global level to conduct a detailed probe to confirm the allegations, the government of China has announced that it will not allow World Health Organization (WHO) to take up deeper investigation in China to find out the origin of the virus.

A media report said that Chinese Health Ministry has refused the proposal of WHO which wanted the probe.

In a strongly worded reply to the proposal, the Ministry said that such proposal is not acceptable and not in good taste.

The Ministry claimed that the Chinese government has submitted Covid -19 details of origins and recommendations to WHO.

“ The Chinese government wants the probe to be conducted in other countries in the world and should not restrict only to China”, the Ministry said.

It may be noted that WHO wanted a second phase study into the origins of the coronavirus in China. The WHO proposed to conduct a probe in all the laboratories and markets in Wuhan to check the origin of the virus.

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