Dominica HC adjourns bail application of fugitive Mehul Choksi

New Delhi: The legal troubles of offender Mehul Choksi have increased after his bail application was adjourned by the High Court of Dominica, said the local media.

It may be noted that the lower court of the Dominica has already rejected his bail plea, after which, he knocked the doors of High Court.

The fugitive who has been on run after making huge financial fraud in Indian banks has been wanted by the Indian government.

According to the sources, Judge Wynante Adrien-Roberts was hearing the plea of Choksi.

The council appointed by the government opposed any bail to Choksi. After hearing both sides, the court adjourned the matter till June 11.

In the petition, Choksi has said that he was abducted in Antigua on May 23 and brought to Dominica by the police.

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