Fact Check: Kabul Airport chaos video is from Texas in 2019, not Afghanistan

A footage has been making rounds on social media shows people running into the Stadium.


Twitter users have shared a video clip suggesting that it was from Afghanistan and showed people running through Kabul after the Taliban takeover in the city.


The video in the claim is not from Kabul airport. Instead, it was from AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas, 2019.

The footage shows people running into the Stadium, which is the home of an American football team the Dallas Cowboys.

The video was originally shared by Jon Machota on Twitter, who covered the Dallas Cowboys for The Athletic, on 5 January 2019. It showed thousands of fans entering the stadium for a match between the Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks.

The tweet was later retweeted by Sports Illustrated, with a caption: “AT&T stadium looks like Black Friday before the internet existed.” The video clip has more than 11 million views.

Meanwhile, it is not the first clip shared online where the video has been taken out of context and falsely claimed to be from Kabul.


The video in question is not from Afghanistan’s capital as it is claimed. It was originally spread on social media in the year 2019 from the AT&T stadium in Arlington.


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