History of Israel-Palestine conflict

Israel-Palestine conflict, began with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. The roots of the conflict can be traced to the late 19th century, with the rise of national movements, including Zionism and Arab nationalism.

Israel-Palestine is located in the Middle East. One side is bordered by Jordan, and the other side by Egypt and Lebanon.

This region was under the Ottoman Empire for nearly 400 years. This area has always been religiously diverse.

This area belonged to Eastern Mediterranean; and was inhabited predominantly by the Palestinians Arabs. The Palestinians identified themselves differently and wanted a separate state.

During the same time, Jews in Europe started joining a movement called Zionism. And according to this movement, Judaism deserved a nation of its own. They started looking towards the Middle East for that separate nation.

After World War I, Britishers took control of this particular area, and they called it British Mandate Palestine. They encouraged the migration of Jews to Palestine. And the Jews increased in numbers, also conflicts between the Arabs and Jews increased. And the conflict of Jews against the Britishers increased too.

And to solve this problem, in 1947 UN proposed the division of British Palestine and said 53% of the area can go to Jews and be called Israel. And 47% can go to Arabs and be called Palestine. Also, Jerusalem was named an international spot because it was a holy spot for Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

The other Arab nations didn’t like the division of Palestine because the maximum part was given to Jews.

In 1948 Arabs called for war with Israel, and Israel won the battle. The consequence of this war was that Israel occupied more than the UN dedicated area.

In 1967, there was another Arab-Israel war, and again in this war, Israel occupied most parts of the Palestinian area. Gaza Strip and West Bank were also occupied and came under the control of Israel.

Later there were many Palestinian areas where the settlement of Jews started increasing, and conflict also started heightening.

In the 1990s, both the States leaders signed Oslo Accord, a peace agreement, and later, 40% of the West Bank went back to Palestinians, and Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip. An extremist Palestinian group called Hamas took charge of this area, and to this date, most conflicts are between Hamas and the Israeli authorities.

In 2021, conflicts started again with Sheik Jarrah in Jerusalem, and Israel considers east Jerusalem as their area. Even though it is not internationally recognized.

Many Palestinian families are facing eviction in this neighborhood, and the conflict started with Sheik Jarrah and Al Aqsa mosque, which is the third holiest site in Islam. Violence erupted at the mosque during Ramadan time, while Muslims were attending evening prayers and Israeli police were deployed outside the mosque, and clashes began. And later, we could see more conflicts in these particular places.

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