Islamophobic: India’s allegations against IAMC, say organizations from 11 countries

More than 60 civil society organizations from 11 countries and about a dozen prominent individuals have released a statement in support of the India American Muslim Council (IAMC), terming the Indian government’s “the baseless and false allegations” against the organization as “Islamophobic.”

The statement read, “[W]e have seen a barrage of attacks on the event and its organizers by Indian political and media figures alike, as well as the Indian government’s Ministry of External Affairs. These attacks have manifested almost exclusively in the form of a vile, Islamophobic smear campaign directed against the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), which has been baselessly accused of being sponsored by the Pakistani government and having links to terrorist organizations.”

These disgusting accusations, which are primarily being peddled by a Hindutva-affiliated fake news outlet, have already been thoroughly refuted by IAMC, the statement said, adding that they “do not deserve to be dignified by any further response.”

On January 26, a Special Congregational Briefing on “Protecting India’s Pluralist Constitution”, organized by an interfaith coalition of 17 organizations was held on India’s 73rd Republic day. The broad coalition of 17 organizations included Hindu, Muslim, and Christian organizations alike, as well as some of the world’s leading international human rights advocacy groups.

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari, including US Congress members, senior leaders from leading human rights advocacy groups, among others had featured remarks at the event. The speakers at the Special Congressional Hearing spoke about the rising intolerance and attacks against the secular and pluralist fabric of the Indian Constitution.

“The forces of Hindu extremism and the far-right government in India want to divide us along communal and religious lines. We refuse to allow them to do so,” the statement said.

Days after the IAMC Hearing, BJP leaders, and media figures alike, along the Indian government’s Ministry of External Affairs, directed attacks on the event and its organizers. These attacks have been directed exclusively against IAMC, which has been baselessly accused of having terrorist links and sponsorship of the Pakistani government.

Prominent organizations to sign the statement in support of Indian American Muslim Council, include- Hindus for Human Rights(USA), People Against Apartheid and Fascism (South Africa), Solidarity Belgium (Belgium), India Solidarity Germany (Germany), The Crescent Hub (Kuwait), Mahatma Gandhi Foundation (India).

Some of the individual signatories include John Dayal (writer) Arjun Sethi (Civil Rights Lawyer), Martha Nussbaum (Philosopher and Professor), Apoorvanand (Scholar and writer), Audrey Trushchke (Author and Historian) and Safoora Zargar (Student activist, Jamia Millia Islamia).


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