Israel bombards Gaza: 11 UN staff killed

“Reuters” news agency reported that 11 United Nations personnel were killed as Israel bombarded Gaza continuously since Hamas launched an attack on Israel last Saturday.
“At least 11 staff members and 30 students have died as a result of Israel’s bombardment of schools run by the United Nations,” said a United Nations spokesperson.

Israel has been continuously bombing Gaza since the Hamas attack. 11 UNWRA personnel have died since last Saturday. All of them were serving the Palestinian refugees. “30 students who were studying at the United Nations school were killed and eight were injured,” said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric.

The 11 UN staff members who died included five teachers, a gynecologist, an engineer, a consultant, and three support staff, UNRWA Deputy Director Jennifer Austin said in a statement.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of UN staff who were serving the people. We stand with the crew’s family. Israel must stop bombing populated areas. The United Nations should pay urgent attention to this,” he said.

Israel continues to carry out airstrikes targeting Hamas. So far, more than a thousand Palestinian civilians have been killed and over 2,500,000 have been injured. More than 2,50,000 people have fled their homes, all of whom are crammed into schools run by the United Nations agency.

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