Israel – Palestine Conflict: Israel Attacks Northern Gaza

Israeli soldiers attacked the northern and central parts of Gaza. The United Nations has said that Israel is carrying out airstrikes near hospitals where the wounded and Palestinian refugees have received support.

A footage of Israeli tanks and bulldozers blocking a highway in the central part of Gaza has been made available to the news agency. The highway is used by Palestinian civilians to travel from the northern part of Gaza to the south to escape Israeli airstrikes.

In this video, a car notices something obstructing the road and causes it to reverse. Then the car is attacked by a tank and the car catches fire. A journalist who was filming this screamed in fear, ‘Go back’.

If fighting breaks out in the residential area between Israeli forces and Hamas rebels, the death toll on both sides is feared to rise sharply. If the closure of the highway is not lifted. Palestinian citizens in the north will not be able to get to the south.

An estimated 1.17 million Palestinian civilians have taken shelter in hospitals in northern Gaza. His reckoning is that hospitals are safe places to escape Israeli attacks.

Israeli forces appear to be entering the city from the northern side of Gaza. Israel has attacked Syria after a rocket from Syria landed in Israel’s territory. Israel said warplanes attacked Syrian military infrastructure.

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