Israeli Study Reveals Saudi Textbooks Revise Maps and Language Regarding Palestine

A study by the Israeli think-tank NGO Impact-se has reported notable revisions in Saudi school textbooks from 2019 to 2024. These changes include the removal of “Palestine” from most maps and a shift in language regarding Israel.

For example, a grade 12 social studies textbook has not described Zionism as a racist movement since 2023, and another textbook has removed a chapter on the Palestinian cause.

Maps in textbooks for grades five and nine now omit Palestine and Israel, showing only countries directly bordering Saudi Arabia. In addition, a geography textbook for grades 10-12 no longer names countries bordering Saudi Arabia. References to “the Zionist entity” in a 2022 social studies textbook have been replaced with “the Israeli occupation army.”

Textbooks discussing Arab and Saudi support for the Palestinian cause have been discontinued, and maps of historic Palestine have been replaced with maps showing Israel. The study highlights a shift in tone towards Israel, with changes in how the Israeli military is described.

These revisions come amid speculation about Saudi Arabia potentially normalizing relations with Israel, similar to Bahrain and the UAE. However, recent conflicts involving Hamas and Israel have hindered such efforts.

The Saudi foreign ministry has stated that normalization with Israel will not occur without progress towards Palestinian statehood and a ceasefire.

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