Japanese women harassed during Holi apologize to those who get offended

The Japanese woman who was harassed and groped during Holi in Delhi wrote a lengthy Twitter thread where she apologises to those who were offended by her video.

She writes that after she uploaded the video, she saw a sharp rise in retweets and direct messages (DMs) which made her delete it.

She further writes, “I would appreciate it if you could understand that I was not trying to convey the abnormalities and damages of the Holi festival in India”, and what seems like the woman blaming herself for participating in Holi festivities she writes, “The place where the video was filmed is considered to be one of the most unsafe places in India, and I participated in the festival.”

She apologises that her video concerned so many people although her goal was to portray positive “aspects and joys” of India as a country.

She also expressed hope that “harassment against women will decrease significantly at the Holi festival from next year”, as the Police have promised to strengthen their crackdown, and wished India and Japan to be always ‘Tomodachi’ or friends.

Netizens were shocked by her apology, with many saying, the victim apologised instead of her harassers.

So far, Delhi police have detained three people in connection with this case.

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