Joe Biden says US military war in Afghanistan will end by August 31

US President Joe Biden noting the drawdown of troops in the war-ravaged country, announced that America’s military mission in Afghanistan will conclude on August 31.

Biden in a major policy address on Afghanistan on Thursday said that the US has accomplished its goals in the country and to degrade the terrorist threat and prevent attacks against the United States.

He dismissed reports that the Taliban would take over Afghanistan soon after the US troops withdrawal from the country.

Biden said it was not inevitable that the country would fall to radical rulers who were in power before the US launched an invasion to retaliate the September 11 attacks. “Do I trust the Taliban? No,” he said.

With aims to maintain diplomatic presence in Afghanistan, the US President said his administration is closely coordinating with its international allies in order to continue to immune the International Airport.

We are going to engage in a determined diplomacy to pursue peace and a peace agreement that will end this senseless violence,” he said

Biden reiterated that the future of the country must be in the hands of Afghans and called upon other countries in the region to increase efforts to bring political solution in Afghanistan, even though he acknowledged that Taliban was at its strongest since.

Biden has since overruled military leaders who wanted to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a staging ground for extremist groups. He said the US will refocus its counterterrorism efforts in other countries including Syria and Yemen where the terror groups have gained strength.

The US military exit from Afghanistan before September 11 arises from the February 2020 agreement Washington signed with the Taliban in return for the pledges and guarantees of counterterrorism that the group would negotiate a political settlement to the war with the Afghan government.

Earlier in April, Biden announced that they will withdraw the remaining troops by the end of 20th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks, in an effort to put an end to the deadly conflict that has costed trillions of dollars and the lives of over 2,300 US troops.

The extremists Taliban on Thursday captured a third Afghan border crossing with Iran. At present, the Taliban roughly control a third of all 421 districts and district centres in the country.


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