Judicial system cannot be trusted: Kapil Sibal makes sensational claims

Kapil Sibal, a senior lawyer of the Supreme Court, made sensational allegations that the Indian judicial system cannot be trusted. The senior lawyer cited the examples of several judgments of the Supreme Court.

However, the All India Bar Association (AIBA) and the All India Bar Council (AIBC) criticized Kapil sibal for such comments.

Kapil Sibal alleged that the fate of sensitive cases was decided in advance to go to certain judges. Although many interpret this as a progressive judgment, it is not implemented in many cases, Kapil claimed. Kapil Sibal will be completing fifty years as a lawyer this year.

And by highlighting that topic, he targeted the Supreme Court.

Sibal says the idea that one will get justice when one comes to the Supreme Court, is not correct.

He also said that the Supreme Court is not doing justice at present.

Recently, he criticized the Supreme Court ruling, on the powers of ED.
As an argument, Sibal said that the Supreme Court has ruled on maintaining the privacy of people. On the other hand, the central agency is conducting house searches using the court verdict. In this case, he questioned whether the privacy was protected at all.

Reacting to Kapil Sibal’s comments, All India Bar Council (AIBC) chairman MK Mishra said it is not fair to blame the judiciary for losing a few cases. He feels that no one else would support such comments.

Adish Agarwala, Chairman of All India Bar Association (AIBA), claimed Sibal’s comments are insulting.

He said that the court decided the case by applying the information presented before them. The president of the All India Bar Association (AIBA) advised Sibal not to appear before the court to lose confidence in the institution.

Senior advocate and Rajya Sabha MP Mahesh Jethmalani also criticized Sibal’s comments.
He thinks that the judicial system should be held in high regard. Mahesh also reminded Sibal of the responsibilities of a lawyer and an MP.

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