Myanmar military killed dozens of anti-coup protesters

The killing of at least 65 protesters in Myanmar’s biggest city of Yangon earlier this year was “planned” and premeditated says Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch published a report accusing Myanmar Security forces of deliberate killing of anti-coup protestors in Yangon.

“Soldiers and police armed with military assault rifles fired on trapped protesters and on those trying to assist the wounded, killing at least 65 protesters and bystanders,” said the New York-based organization.

HRW said it based its findings on interviews with six witnesses and analyses of 13 videos and 31 photographs of the violence posted on social media.

“We can prove, through testimonies and digital forensics, that in videos posted by security forces… that this was planned and coordinated,” HRW Myanmar researcher Manny Maung said.

Maung told The Associated Press the security forces’ actions “constitute the crime against humanity of murder.”

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