New York Times report says Israel knew well in advance about Hamas attack

The New York Times reported on Friday that the Israeli military knew about the Hamas plan’s to attack on its soil over a year before the tragic and devastating October 7 operation which killed hundreds of people.

There were also reports that the it was the ignorance of the top Israeli commanders who played down the warnings that Hamas was plotting the attack, which led to an unending war against the Islamic militant group which has devastated the Gaza Strip.The Times said that the Israeli officials were in possession of a 40-page battle plan which was code named as “Jericho Wall”, which detailed a Hamas attack on the southern Israeli communities.

Although, it was unclear about the recovery of the document was obtained by Israel, but the article said that it was translated and therefore, indicating it might have been written in Arabic and directly intercepted from Hamas.
When asked about the report, the Israeli military declined to pass any comments on the report, by saying that it was “currently focused on eliminating the threat from the terrorist organization Hamas.” “Questions of this kind will be looked into in a later stage,” Israeli military stated.

The document was seen by the intelligence officials including the Israeli military. The report therefore mentioned that though it was unclear if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or any other other top leaders had seen it. There was a prediction made in the document that Hamas would bombard Israel with rockets, it would also use war weapons and would also be using drones to disable Israel’s surveillance abilities at the border wall, and take control over the southern communities and its military bases.

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