Karnataka hijab row: New Zealand Boxer Sonny Bill Williams shows solidarity with Muslim women

With the ongoing hijab row in Karnataka, getting international attention and support from several prominent personalities, New Zealand professional heavyweight boxer Sonny Bill Williams on Thursday also expressed solidarity with Muslim girls in who have been protesting against the hijab ban.

Several students, including a few teachers, have been subject to humiliation and harassment when they were forced to removed hijab and burqa in public view. The girls have now been left to make a choice between their right to education and freedom to practice religion, guaranteed under Article 25, of the Indian Constitution.

Sharing a 45-second video on Twitter, Sonny Bill Williams, who was a former Rugby player said, “Just a quick message of support to my sisters out there who are struggling with the hijab at the moment, particularly in India and of recent Okago gills high school in New Zealand. Just sending some love and dua’s (prayers) to you guys (girls fighting, for their rights) against ‘thugs’.

“Yes these thugs may rip the headscarf off, but they will never rip Islam or Allah from your hearts. So stay strong sisters, he adding again that he is sending love and duas to the girls and their families.

Remarking that “Inshaallah (God willing),” the boxer said, “the full force of these thugs will be met with the full force of the Lord, stay strong sisters.”

Born in 1985 to Christian parents, Sonny Bill Williams accepted Islam and became a Muslim in 2009 while playing for Toulon, in France. He was also the first Muslim to play for the All Blacks.

Earlier in 2019, Williams had made an emotional message of condolence for the victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings. He has also condemned the treatment of the Uyghurs in China.

Previously, many leaders from India and globally had come in support of the Hijab-clad girls in Karnataka, including Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor, Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai. They had urged the authorities not to stop them from seeking education for just wearing a headscarf in the classrooms.


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