Nigeria: 85 civilians killed in drone attack

Lagos: 85 civilians were killed in a drone attack by the army on the village of Tudun Biri in the northwestern state of Kaduna, Nigeria.

Sources said that the bomb dropped by the army using drones targeting armed groups on Sunday missed and fell on civilians who were engaged in Guri Tappi festival celebrations.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has ordered an investigation into the incident.

So far 85 dead bodies have been found. 66 injured are undergoing treatment at various hospitals, said the National Emergency Management Agency.

The Nigerian Armed Forces have been carrying out continuous airstrikes targeting armed groups and militants in the North-West and North-East regions of the country.

‘The first bomb exploded when we were all inside the house. Idris Dahiru, a resident, said that when he immediately rushed to the rescue of the injured, another bomb exploded.

Villagers said that women and children were among the dead.

Sources said that armed groups in northwest and northeast Nigeria are roaming in forest areas and robbing people from villages.

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