Philippines: Bomb blast during Christian mass; 4 people died

Manila: The Philippines, which was facing the threat of a tsunami due to a strong earthquake, was hit by a terrorist attack on Sunday morning. At least four people were killed and several others injured in a bomb attack that occurred during a mass prayer of Catholic Christians at a university gymnasium in the southern part of the country on Sunday.

The police said that it was an act of Muslim terrorists, and the army chief said that strict vigilance had been taken across the country.

Commenting on the incident, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said, ‘I strongly condemn the senseless and most despicable act of foreign terrorists. “The extremists who have committed violence against the innocent are the enemies of our society’, he said.

In 2017, a bomb attack took place in Marawi City, which was under the control of Muslim terrorists for five months. In the same area, the Philippine Army killed 11 people belonging to the Dawlah Islamia terrorist group on Saturday. In addition, 10 sophisticated guns and three projectiles were seized. A bomb exploded at the same place on Sunday.

The police and army have been directed to take necessary measures for the safety and security of the citizens of the country. Macros Jr. said in his X account that those who committed such an act will be brought to justice.

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