Remarks of Canadian Hindu Nationalist spark backlash online

“I support the killing of the Muslims and the Sikhs in the Republic of India because they deserve to die.” These incendiary comments were uttered by Hindu Nationalist Ron Banerjee on the streets of Toronto, Canada, in a clip that has been circulating on various social media sites.

He openly demanded the killing of Muslims and Sikhs on a Canadian Youtube channel ‘Beat of the north’.
Banerjee said “Muslims need to understand that if they want to live in our country they got to follow our rules, and if they don’t they will get it”

He also wished that Indian PM Narendra Modi could lead Canada, he said “he kills Muslim terrorists, he kills Sikh terrorists
its awesome what Modi is doing”

The clip of him making these inflammatory remarks over Muslims and Sikhs in India has sparked a strong backlash across various social media platforms, with many demanding actions against Banerjee.

Banerjee is the founder of Canadian Hindu Advocacy (CHA) formed in 2008, he is often seen conducting rallies and events with other anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh groups throughout Canada.

This is not the first time Banerjee has made anti-Muslim remarks and incendiary comments against religious minorities, in April, he was arrested in Toronto for making violent threats against Sikhs.

He has also openly expressed support for anti Muslim Dutch politician, Greet Wilders.

Source: TRT world


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