Taliban welcomes withdrawal of US forces, last troop lefts Afghanistan

Kabul: Following the US deciding to withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban regime has appreciated America’s move of withdrawing all forces from  Bagram Air Base  of Afghanistan.

According to reports of foreign news agencies, Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid has not only welcomed the decision but also said that all foreign military personnel should move out of Afghanistan.

He said that the Taliban believes withdrawal of American troops is a positive and welcome step. Stating that the withdrawal is in the interest of both parties, he believes that the decision would bring Afghanistan nearer to peace.

Meanwhile, the media claims that all troops of America and some coalition forces moved out of Afghanistan from Bagram airbase, the largest airbase of the country. The base has now been given to the national army of Afghanistan. The defence Ministry of Afghanistan confirmed the evacuation of foreign troops on Friday.

The reports said that the last troop moved out from the air base, the US forces were staying since 2001.

It may be noted that US president, Joe Biden had announced that all US forces will withdraw from Afghanistan in 2021 itself.

The withdrawal of the foreign troops started after nearly 2 decades of staying war ravaged Afghanistan where the biggest military operation was launched against Taliban forces.

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