The six-year-old girl who called for help 12 days ago was found dead

A six-year-old girl who called ‘I’m very scared, please come’ 12 days ago has now been found dead. On January 29, the car her family was traveling in was set on fire by assassins in Gaza, Palestine. That’s when she called rescue workers and asked for help, The Guardian reported.

An aid agency sent an ambulance to rescue her. However, there was a disconnection between the ambulance and the aid agency. The staff who went to help and the girl Hind Rajab went missing.

The girl’s body was found inside a car in Gaza City’s Tell al-Hawa area on Saturday morning, her family said. It was also reported that two rescuers who went in an ambulance to search for the girl were killed by Israeli gunfire.

The girl’s family was traveling by car to escape Gaza City as Israeli forces continued to attack. This time, his car was set on fire. She escaped from the car, panicked as her relatives died, and called for help.

“Hind and everyone in the car died,” said Baha Hamada, the girl’s grandfather. After she escaped from the car, she was reportedly shot.

The Israelis stopped their attacks on Saturday and many families searched for their belongings. In this case, the dead body of the girl was found.

The Israel-Hamas conflict that started on October 7 is still ongoing. So far, Hamas attacks on Israel have killed 1,160 people. Israel has attacked Gaza with a heavy military force, reportedly killing more than 27,000 people.

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