THG Exclusive | The Plight of Gaza: Nine Months of Genocide

The massacre in Gaza has been ongoing since nine months with the death toll surpassing 38,500. The Palestinians continue to face consistent bombardment, starvation, displacement, injuries and trauma. Even after several truce talks and promises of minimizing ‘casualties’, Palestinians see no such respite.
When most of the world is progressing towards development, Gaza has only endured wounds whose imprints would never fade.
Horrors of Attacks that aren’t Sparing even Refugee Camps

Image Source: The Times of Israel

On 6 July 2024, Saturday, the Israeli forces attacked Al-Jaouni, a UNRWA school, in the Nuseirat Refugee Camp. The airstrike has reportedly killed 16 people and injured more than 75. This is not the first time Israel has targeted a refugee camp. Similar attacks have been seen several times in the last 9 months in the name of targeting Hamas gunmen. This ‘16 killed’ is just another figure that reflects on the death toll which keeps rising.
The situation of the people of Palestine is grave. The blockade of aid makes it more severe with the amount of food being too low to feed more than a million. The absence of medical facilities for the hundreds of thousands of injured leaves them bleeding and untreated. Innocent civilians have been robbed of basic amenities. With majority of the Northern Gaza being on the occupation’s radar for ‘eliminating Hamas’, around a million people have been forcefully displaced and the displacement continues as the Israeli forces claim more regions to be the ‘hidden spots’ of Hamas.
Children and Babies are among the Thousands Killed.

Image Source: Dawoud Abo Alkas, Anadolu Agency & Reuters

Murders of children have turned into everyday stories; all this genocide has been normalized. Hind Rajab, who was killed with her family in January 2024, is one of the many faces that represent the torture Palestinians have been enduring for decades. As per the forensic reports, the car that Hind was seated in along with her family members, was likely shot about 335 times not from more than 23 meters away. The report also reveals that the Israeli tank would have been able to see the civilians inside the vehicle and be aware of the child’s presence.

Image Source: thaer_aburaiash, Instagram
Social media is flooded with visuals captured first-hand in Gaza by the native people and reporters present there. By now, the world has already witnessed burnt, charred bodies, limbs of deceased being carried in bags, wailing mothers holding their lifeless children covered in white coffin tainted with blood, traumatized children turned orphans, infrastructure razed to the ground, bombing of anything from mosques, hospitals, schools to refugee camps.
Rafah, a city in the southern part of Gaza, has turned to rubble just like the northern areas of Gaza strip. Hundreds of journalists and aid-workers including paramedics, distributors and others have been killed in this duration. Despite being called out for the war crimes in action, the Israeli military forces are reluctant to draw back from causing more damage.

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