UN calls for aid to Sudanese refugees

United Nations: The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has called on other countries to support refugees fleeing war-torn Sudan without sending them back.

Sudanese refugees fleeing the conflict should not be repatriated. UNHCR Director Elizabeth Tan insisted at a press conference in Geneva that they should be given humanitarian shelter.

This applies to Sudanese nationals who have fled the country, foreign nationals, refugees who have taken refuge in Sudan, people in exile, and people without a passport or any other identity document, he said.

The United Nations says nearly 1,00,000 people have fled the conflict in Sudan to neighbouring countries. Also, ongoing conflict is hampering aid delivery in Sudan, where a third of the population is in need of humanitarian assistance.

Elizabeth Tan said that the number of migrants in Sudan’s neighbouring countries has increased, and international protection for people fleeing Sudan needs to be increased.

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