Sandalwood Star Darshan Arrested in Connection with Renuka Swamy Murder Case

June 10, 2024, Mysore – In a startling development, ten people, including well-known Sandalwood actor Darshan, have been taken into custody in connection with Renuka Swamy’s murder in Chitradurga. The police conducted a thorough investigation before making the arrests.

Darshan was apprehended at a Mysore farmhouse early this morning. Renuka Swamy’s body was found in the Bangalore neighborhood of Kamakshipalaya, leading to the arrest. Darshan’s girlfriend, Pavithra Gowda, is said to have received offensive messages from Swamy, which infuriated the actor and sparked the altercation.

According to background information, Darshan and Pavithra Gowda had a close friendship, which Gowda previously disclosed on social media. Reports indicate that Vijayalakshmi, Darshan’s wife, strongly objected to this relationship, resulting in a public dispute between the two women on social media.

It is believed that Renuka Swamy from Chitradurga provoked Darshan and his colleagues with obscene remarks directed at Gowda following the social media dispute. Police reports state that on June 9 in Kamakshipalaya, Darshan and his friends attacked Swamy. The group allegedly assaulted Swamy violently and dumped his body in a ditch on Darshan’s orders.

The incident was discovered when stray dogs pulled Swamy’s body out of the culvert where it had been placed. An investigation was initiated after Renuka Swamy’s parents filed a complaint at the Kamakshipalaya Police Station.

During the police investigation, it was discovered that Darshan and his friends were responsible for the murder. The four primary defendants admitted to committing the crime under Darshan’s direction, and their confessions suggested that Darshan was present when the incident occurred.

Further information revealed that Renuka Swamy was abducted from Chitradurga and taken to Bangalore, where he was detained in a shed rented by a man named Vinay. It was there that the deadly attack took place. After the attack, the body was dumped in a nearby culvert.

Chandan, the ACP of Vijayanagar, and his team were in charge of the operation to arrest Darshan. While fans and the public await more updates, this high-profile case has sent shockwaves through the Sandalwood industry and the larger community.

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