SC seeks evidence on Pantanji product sale

The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday, directed Patanjali Ayurved to provide proof that it has ceased the sale and advertisements of 14 products that were banned by the Uttarakhand state licensing department in April.

The court seeks to verify the company’s claim regarding its issuance of directives to all advertising outlets, store owners and social media platforms to stick to the ban. According to Hindustan Times Report, Patanjali store is still selling around 14 of its banned products as HT was able to procure most of the products along with its bill receipt. In some of the shops the products were not available but the shopkeepers assured the public that it will come to the stock within a week’s time.

The apex court led by justice Hima Kohli passed the order on Tuesday despite a later affidavit which was passed by the Uttarakhand government that informed the court that the ban which was imposed on April 15 was thereafter revoked by another state department on procedural grounds. There were show cause notice that were issued to Patanjali on July 8 following this. “The respondent 5 (Patanjali Ayurved Limited) shall state on affidavit whether the request to intermediaries has been acceded to and whether the 14 Ayurvedic formulations have been withdrawn,” stated the court in its order on Tuesday.

It is also to be noted that during the court proceedings, Patanjali’s lawyers accepted the directive of the bench. The 14 Patanjali products that are banned are- Swasari Gold — ostensibly for acute cough and throat infection; Bronchom — for cough & cold; Swasari Vati — for respiratory problems; Swasari Avaleh — for cough and cold; Swasari Pravahi—to improve lung function; Mukta Vati Extra Power — for healthy blood pressure levels; BP Grit — for blood pressure; Lipidom — to reduce cholesterol; Madhugrit — to manage diabetes and blood sugar; Livamrit Advance — for liver health and detoxification; Madhunashini Vati Extra Power — for diabetic complications; Livogrit — for liver health, loss of appetite, Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop — an eye tonic; Eyegrit Gold — for eye health.

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