Leftists against Hindus: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat criticizes

Mumbai: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat defined that the educational exercise of asking children in the pre-primary stage to identify the private parts of the body is also an attack on the octogenarian system of thought.

Speaking after releasing a Marathi book here, he said. ‘The octogenarians are not only against Hindus or India; He criticized that they are against the whole world.

I visited a school in Gujarat. There he showed the method of teaching the children. The teacher used to ask the children if they knew the names of the private parts of the body. The attack on leftist thinking has come so far. “This is not possible without the cooperation of the people”, he said.

‘Leftists have pride. He is also proud of it. However, they do not have the support of the people, nor the financial support. However, their mindset is evolving. He also said that we (RSS) are lagging behind in this matter.

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