Madame G’s problem is flying kisses; The problems of women in Manipur are not known – Prakash Raj attacks Smriti Irani

Chennai: Actor Prakash Raj says Union Minister Smriti Irani, who was so offended by a flying kiss, has no problem with what is happening to women in Manipur. Prakash Raj’s criticism was shared by ANI’s post on Smriti Irani’s allegation.

Prakash Raj was reacting to Smriti Irani’s flying kiss accusation against Rahul Gandhi. “Priorities…Flying Kiss annoyed madam ji, but what happens to women in Manipur doesn’t bother me,” Prakash Raj wrote on Twitter.

Smriti Irani alleged that Rahul Gandhi gave a flying kiss to Rahul Gandhi while leaving the House after the speech during the emergency resolution discussion on the Manipur issue. After Rahul, it was Smriti who spoke in Parliament. That’s when she made the allegation.

Mr. Speaker, I raise an objection. The person who spoke before me showed a bad sign. Only a misogynist can give a flying kiss to a female member of parliament. Such a bad act has never been seen in the history of Parliament. That is the culture of the family’ – were the words of Smriti Irani.

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