Karnataka Government issues fresh Government Order for Muslim marriage certificate

In order to facilitate the Muslim applicants to regulate issuance of “Marrige Certificate” to Muslim community in the state, the Government deemed it necessary and issued revised order authorizing the Karnataka State Board of Auqaf to issue the marriage certificate to the Muslim applicants .This will facilitate to obtain the certificate easily for those intending to travel abroad and for those who are intending to have family visa.

The Government order no. is MWD 65 WES 2022,DATED 30-08-2023 and issued by the department of Minority Welfare, Haj &Wakf Department.

The circular may be read as under

By modifying the Government Order No. MWD 65 WES 2022, dated 21.02.2023 the Government of Karnataka hereby authorizes the Karnataka State Board of Auqaf and its Waqf Officers of the concerned Districts to issue the Marriage Certificates to the married Muslim applicants as per Annexure-1 annexed to this order and it shall be issued by fulfilling the conditions here as under;
1) The Bride & Bridegroom shall file a joint affidavit indicating their names, father names, address date of marriage, place of marriage, name of the Vakil and Witness.
2) The applicants shall furnish the Nikah Nama issued by the concerned Mosque (Masjid) or Khazis in Kalyana Karnataka area.
3) The Nikah-Namas issued by the Khazis, in respect of Kalyan Karnataka area (Hyderabad-Karnataka Region) who were appointed by the Government as per the provisions of The Khazis Act, 1880 and functioning as per Section 4(1) (iii) of the Karnataka Repealing of Certain Enactments and Regional Laws Act 2013 shall be considered, while issuing the marriage Certificate.

4) The issuing authority shall verify the original Nikah-Namas furnished by the applicant issued by the concerned Mosque and Khazis and also shall verify the original Marriage Register maintained by the respective Mosque and Khazis before issuance of the Marriage Certificate.

5) The issuing authority shall obtain the joint photographs of the Bride & Bridegroom as pre requirement and affix the same on the marriage certificate along with the signature and designated seal.

6) The fees for issuance of Marriage Certificate shall be Rupees One Thousand only (Rs.1000/-)
7) Marriage certificate shall not be issued on the basis of Telephonic Nikah and Web Nikah.

8) In case of issuance of marriage certificates to the N.R.Is/Foreign Citizens, prior clearance from the jurisdictional Police Authority/ Office of the Commissioner of Police (Foreign Branch)/Office of the Superintendent of Police of the respective Districts shall be obtained.

By order and in the name of the Governor of Karnataka,
Under Secretary to Government,
Minority Welfare, Haj
& Wakf Department

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