Complaint filed against BJP chief and BJP IT cell head for derogatory video on Rahul Gandhi

On Monday, Priyank Kharge, the minister for information technology and biotechnology in Karnataka, filed a complaint against BJP President, J P Nadda, the head of the BJP’s IT Cell, Amit Malviya, and Arun Sood, the president of the BJP’s Chandigarh chapter, for making defamatory posts about Rahul Gandhi, particularly an animated clip that purportedly includes altered versions of the Congress leader’s speeches.

Priyank Kharge alleged, “In the video shared by Amit Malviya, Rahul Gandhi has been made a target of a malicious and false 3D animated video, endorsed by the BJP’s key leaders such as JP Nadda and Arun Sood.”

According to Mr. Kharge, the video presents the Congress and its leaders as “anti-national elements.” He further said that the video had been circulated on June 17, 2023, on Malviya’s Twitter handle with a clear and malicious intent.

The concerning aspect of the video, Mr. Kharge emphasized, is the animated misrepresentation of Rahul Gandhi’s interaction with individuals from the Islamic faith. He expressed his concern that this derogatory portrayal would generate animosity among people of different religions and contribute to communal disharmony.

Senior Congress leader, Jairam Ramesh slammed Amit Malviya on Twitter, for posting the derogatory video,

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