Manipur: 12-hour debate on no-confidence motion; Rahul Gandhi to start for Congress

New Delhi: Discussion of the no-confidence motion brought by the Congress-led India coalition against the Modi government on the issue of Manipur riots will happen for12 hours. According to the schedule, six hours and 41 minutes have been allotted to the ruling BJP to speak on the resolution.

The main opposition Congress got one hour and 15 minutes. The representatives of YSRCP, Shiv Sena, JDU, BJD, BSP, BRS and LJP have been allotted a total of two hours. This time will be divided based on the number of MPs of the respective parties.

Other parties and independent MPs have one hour and 10 minutes to participate in the debate. It is expected that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give an answer in the discussion today and tomorrow.

Rahul Gandhi from the Congress will attack the central government and initiate the discussion on the no-confidence motion. 16 members from Congress have been given notice to speak. After Rahul’s speech, the rest of the party can speak.

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