Manipur Violence: Opposition parties to call for no-confidence motion against central government

New Delhi: The opposition parties are preparing to bring a no-confidence motion against the Narendra Modi government. India, an alliance of various opposition parties, has decided to bring a no-confidence motion against the central government. The opposition parties are targeting by raising the discussion about the Manipur violence.

The aim of the India alliance is to make the Prime Minister give a statement on the Manipur issue. Along with this, the opposition will continue to attack the central government by raising the issue of Manipur in the Rajya Sabha. At the same time, the House was in turmoil on Tuesday as the opposition alliance Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance – ‘India’ – insisted on the demand that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should make a statement in the House on the Manipur riots.

Modi had come to the scene by mocking the opposition alliance ‘India’. The Prime Minister said that Indian National Congress, East India Company, Indian Mujahideen and Popular Front of India all have the name India and therefore there is nothing special about it.

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